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Important World Health Organisation questionnaire.

Are you an amputee or someone who works with amputees?WHO has launched a survey to identify the 50 top technologies people need worldwide to improve their lives. The survey, issued in the world’s 50 most spoken languages, will use the information gathered to build the WHO Priority Assistive Products List (APL), a tool that will set the standard for the most essential assistive products that must be available in a health system.

The survey is open to all stakeholders, especially current or potential users, their families and organizations. Complete the survey online here:

Please share the survey with your colleagues both service providers and users or potential users.

2016 Revenue issue new changes to VAT + VRT claims

From January 2016 onwards the DD1/ DDO form, used for new and used vehicles for use by disabled people, can be completed on the Inland Revenue website.

For more information about the letter to disabled drivers scheme members click here or download the letter from the Inland Revenue from the 11th of December here.

What this means is that if you buy a vehicle or wish to reclaim the annual (Jan 1 – Dec 31)tax back on fuel, you can now do this on the Inland Revenue website. helps make changes on world stage. through the IC2A (International Confederation of Amputee Association) helps set new WHO (World Health Organisation) standards., a founder member of the IC2A – The International Confederation of Amputee Association – were invited to join the WHO Standards Development Group on Prosthetic and Orthotic Services Provision and attended the first SDG Meeting 9-12 November in Bangkok.

We are delighted to be invited to contribute to set the standards that will change and improve the world for users of prostheses and orthoses.  It will never be same again. The Standards will be published at the next ISPO World Conference in Cape Town in June 2017.

See more here about the powerful and influential role we have now access to through IC2A through which we will achieve a better quality of life for the world’s P&O users: – good picture and summary from the Bangkok Meeting of the Standards Development Group – this is where the WHO member countries mandate WHO to develop standards for Prosthetics and Orthotic (P&O) treatment value chain this is the working plan for the development of the P&O Standards background – without IC2A and without the IC2A-ISPO agreement IC2A would never have asked to take be one of the 18 experts to be member of the Standards Development Group

Meeting of Parents, 19th November, a success.

There was a good turn out of parents, members of, and concerned professionals all  meeting to discuss children with limb loss and ongoing issues. These were mainly the need for a united voice in the face of a lottery based sanctioning procedure for aids and appliances, delays in sanctioning, battles to secure and renew medical cards for life-long and enduring disabilities.

Click here: New page for parents

Notice of Meeting of Parents of children with limb loss 

A meeting is planned at the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) Thursday 19th November 2015 at 7pm. The aim is to discuss concerns around the treatment and support of children with limb loss. Parents will have an opportunity to talk about their experience and help contribute to a planned response to the HSE. A member of the AMPUTEE.IE board has been invite by parents to talk about 


Amputee Board Speak to MEP’s about unequal treatment of Amputees

The secretary of has penned a letter to all MEP’s urging their support on behalf of amputees all over the country. Amputees in Ireland are falling way behind their European counterparts in their basic healthcare. Waiting times in some areas are beyond acceptable.

To put an end to this inequality across the E.U. a meeting will be held in Paris on 25 March to form a European Alliance of amputee support groups and other interested parties. A unified approach to the European Parliament is needed to ensure parity of treatment for all amputees within the EU. will keep you informed on this very important matter.

Read full text of letter here.

Members of the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme to be transferred to a fuel grant scheme from January 1, 2015

  • Members of the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme should claim any outstanding excise relief on fuel used up to 31 December 2014.
  • Members of the Scheme will be eligible, from 1 January 2015, for a fuel grant which will be paid 12 months in arrears.
  • No member of the Scheme will lose out by these changes
  • Read the whole press release….


Irish Wheelchair Basketball League Table  ( Basketball Ireland website):

  • The next round of the Irish Wheelchair Basketball League will be hosted by the Limerick Scorpions which takes place in Limerick on 7th  of February. Read on…
  • Upcoming fixtures, click here.
  • All Supporters are welcome on the day . Download fixture here

Man and Machine: a free Biomedical Technology Networking day

Biomedical Technology Networking day with a focus on bio-mechatronic limbs for amputees.  Presentations will show how sensors and microprocessor control systems allow a more subtle integration of human and device movement for amputees walking at different cadences over varied terrain. Read on…. See more info, download directions to the event, see who’s speaking and the schedule of events on our downloads page here…

Student request

Student studying prosthetics requests a simple 3 minute survey to be completed, see details here or complete the survey here. calls for an ‘amputee’ medical card in public consultation

In a letter submitted to the HSE, the Board of Directors of, representing some 5000 amputees in Ireland, responded to the advertisement on the 6th June 2014 for a Public Consultation on medical needs for medical card eligibility. calls for the right of amputees: –


  1. a) To have a ‘condition specific’ (amputation) medical card to accommodate independence. Our     medical condition is unique and irreversible.
  2. b) To have the same rights as most other European amputees and receive prosthetic limbs, from the state, to achieve maximum mobility and independence
  3. To be recognised and prioritised
  4. To have full use of their limbs with medical and mechanical aids
  5. To have their prosthetics approved in a reasonable time, regardless of home address
  6. The expert group to declare their independence as they are tasked with making life-changing decisions about each and every amputee in Ireland.

Read the whole submission here.

HSE ‘deaf ears’ spokes person interviewed this week (26.05.14) expressed their “disappointment” and “frustration” with the on-going stone-walling of HSE and government officials in relation to a requested submission receiving no response after 2 years despite repeated requests for a response.

Back in 2012 submitted a detailed response to a government request for submissions ( see submission paper here). Since then, a ‘loud silence’ is the government and HSE response. In January Mr Shortland the Chairman of wrote to Mr Healy (see January’s letter here) clearly outlining the three main issues of sanctioning delays, cost and affordability, and the elimination of duplication. Then in May Mr Shortland again wrote to  Mr Healy (see May’s letter here) requesting a meeting to discuss both the 2012 submission and the concerns detailed in January 2014. (see all correspondence and other downloads here).

Judge gets tough on the abuse of disabled parking

Judge Patrick Durcan at Ennis District Court (17.05.14) gave a clear message to anyone considering parking illegally in a disabled parking spot. A driver from Ennis, County Clare got her name in a National Newspaper, a 6 month driving ban, and a  €500 fine with €100 to pay in costs.Disabled badge holder sign 01

The Judge said it was a “serious matter” and labelled the behaviour as “boorish”. The court heard the driver had previous convictions for illegally parking around Ennis, but none for unlawful parking in a disabled driver’s spot.

A spokesperson for was quoted as saying “It was a tough decision but fair. Disabled spaces are needed and have been hard won. The driver could have caused serious inconvenience to another driver who happened to be disabled and in need of that spot. Hopefully it will send a message to anyone else considering the same thing”.  

Amputees Abandoned

The Sunday Business 17.11.13 just published that many of Ireland’s amputees find themselves locked in a battle with the HSE to get the medical care they badly need. Over the last twelve to eighteen months more and more patients are having their medical cards revoked causing untold hardship.
After fighting hard to get her young son Neil a medical card, his Mother Aideen Hoey said ‘he is not a starfish’ his leg won’t grow back. Yet, Mrs Hoey has to reapply for the card every two years in order for her son to lead a normal, active life, to allow him to walk and cycle to and from school independently. The father of a very young child who lost a limb said the process of securing a discretionary medical card as “a rollercoaster”. Paralympic swimmer Dave Malone won’t even apply for help any more having fought for it for years. Triple amputee Senoaid O Murchadha says she lives in constant fear that her discretionary medical card will be revoked.

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Woman’s Way Magazine highlights Amputee calls for Equality of Service

Woman’s way, the long established home-makers magazine, (P.22 18.02.13) has drawn attention to the needs of Amputees in Ireland today. Amputees are being treated as second-class citizens by the HSE with the lack of national service standards. Ireland is one of the few EU countries offering virtually no choice of service for amputees. Read more…

Amputee Ireland demands the HSE to focus on the needs of Irish amputees, and that the needs of amputee’s are no longer ignored on European Limb Loss Day

3 Dec 2012 – The European Union recognises that amputation affects many thousands of men, women and children across member states and has set Monday 3 December 2012 as European Limb Loss Day. Europe is giving international recognition to amputation, yet inIrelandthere are no national standards that apply to the provision of services to amputees. There are great variations of service provision acrossIrelandand compared to European partners. Amputees face many daily challenges including dexterity, personal mobility, delays in access to healthcare and decreased employment options. Charity Amputee Disability Federation Ireland (Amputee Ireland) welcomes European Limb Loss Day amid calls for better care structures and free prosthetics for Irish amputees. Read more here… , read entire press release here. See what says here.

MichaelMcWilliam of Amputee Ireland comments: “It is time for the Health Service Executive (HSE) to establish one central authority to ensure equality of treatment and care for all amputees based on a set of national standards. Amputees, as clients or patients of the HSE, should be at the centre of the service in accordance with HIQA and EU guidelines.” website seeks feedback

A request has gone out to all those interested in the disbiltiy sector to offer feedback on recent site developments.  A new forum has become active recently for all people to air their views, also access to the classifieds section along with publishing of articles. is an Irish based website, a one stop shop for people with disabilities. For further information contact Robert 0868077522

Amputee Ireland Strategic Plan 2014 and beyond

Currently the board of Amputee Ireland are working on the next strategic plan. Have your say and write to us with what you think we should be doing, what you think we should not be doing, and what we could do better. We are a key voice in the Irish landscape for amputees. Your voice is important. Contact us

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