Amputee Ireland demands that the needs of amputees are no longer ignored on European Limb Loss Day

Amputee Ireland has issued a press release to highlight the host of daily challenges faced by amputees in Ireland on European Limb Loss Day, Saturday 3rd December. This day is being held within the European Day of People with Disabilities in collaboration with the European Commission and the UK Associate Parliamentary Limb Loss Group ‘APLLG’.

Michael McWilliam, Amputee Ireland, comments that there are “currently intolerable delays in approval for prosthesis for those with a medical card. Long and frustrating waits are experienced in the sanctioning process across the country and indeed variances in different counties – ranging from 13 days in Donegal, 82 days in Monaghan to 189 days in Wicklow*. European Limb Loss Day will provide a chance to increase awareness of the ‘hidden disability’ that is limb loss and the often ignored needs of amputees in Ireland.” See our Facebook page for press coverage.

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