2016 Revenue issue new changes to VAT + VRT claims

From January 2016 onwards the DD1/ DDO form, used for new and used vehicles for use by disabled people, can be completed on the Inland Revenue website.

For more information about the letter to disabled drivers scheme members click here or download the letter from the Inland Revenue from the 11th of December here.

What this means is that if you buy a vehicle or wish to reclaim the annual (Jan 1 – Dec 31)tax back on fuel, you can now do this on the Inland Revenue website. helps make changes on world stage.

Paying for prosthetics

Financing the cost of prosthetics may be covered in a number of ways.

Medical card holders.

The prosthetic provider will seek sanction on your behalf from the relevant health board area.Cost of provision of limb is borne by the area health board though a ceiling may apply.

Private medical insurance.

With private medical insurance following prosthetic prescription from qualified practitioner, some insurers will bear cost retrospectively. A ceiling will generally apply. Self financing offers more choice, as costs of prosthetics are in general very high, running into thousands rather than hundreds.

Private funding

For those fortunate enough, individuals can shop around for the best service available to meet thier needs. Independant finance enables great freedom of choice.

The Health Service Executive (HSE).

Direct Health Service Executive Sanction in cases of extreme hardship may bear the cost of provision of prosthetics.

Further information.

Further information about medical cards is available from the Health Service Executive here or from