People can generally continue to drive and learn to drive following amputation. Specialised driving lessons in adapted vehicles are provided through the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) or Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI).


Insurance cover and restrictions imposed by certain insurers in the past have eased considerably and insurance cover is generally available from a number of companies. You should seek insurance quotations in the normal manner. Though the rule of disclosure with insurance, uberimae fides (of the utmost good faith), will of course apply and full disclosure of your disability is of obvious importance.


Certain parking concessions can also be obtained and are administered through the IWA and DDAI in the form of the Disabled Driver Parking Badge, which is recognised throughout Europe.


Tax concessions are available from the government through the offices of the Revenue Commissioners, though are subject to strict medical criteria and the need to have one’s car adapted to mitigate for their disability.

Med 1 criteria

These medical criteria, which must be certified by a Director of Community Care, are as follows: (a) persons who are wholly or almost wholly without the use of one or both legs. (b) Persons wholly without the use of one of their legs and almost wholly without the use of the other leg such that they are severely restricted as to the movement of their limbs. (c) Persons without both hands or without both arms.
(d) Persons without one or both legs. (e) Persons wholly or almost wholly without the use of both hands or arms and wholly or almost wholly without the use of one leg. (f) persons having the medical condition of dwarfism and who have serious difficulties of movement of lower limbs. Details of the tax concessions available through the Revenue Commissioners.

Useful addresses

  • DDAI, Ballindine, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Tel: 094-9364054/094-9364266 Fax: 094-9364336 Email: Web:
  • IWA National Mobility Centre, Ballinagappa Road, Clane, Co Kildare. Tel: 045 893 094/5 Fax: 045 989678 Email: Web:
  • Disabled Drivers Section, Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Coolshannagh, Co. Monaghan. Tel: 047 – 82800 Web: ttp://