The Care & Mobility Show 2015 Details Announced

Following on the success of this year’s inaugural event, details of the 2015 Care & Mobility show have now been announced, taking place on 22nd and 23rd April at Dublin’s RDS exhibition centre.

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Members of the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme to be transferred to a fuel grant scheme from January 1, 2015

  • Members of the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme should claim any outstanding excise relief on fuel used up to 31 December 2014.
  • Members of the Scheme will be eligible, from 1 January 2015, for a fuel grant which will be paid 12 months in arrears.
  • No member of the Scheme will lose out by these changes
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Man and Machine: a free Biomedical Technology Networking day

Biomedical Technology Networking day with a focus on bio-mechatronic limbs for amputees.  Presentations will show how sensors and microprocessor control systems allow a more subtle integration of human and device movement for amputees walking at different cadences over varied terrain. Read on…. See more info, download directions to the event, see who’s speaking and the schedule of events on our downloads page here…

Finding your Feet

Corinne, had a quadruple amputation (both hands and legs) as a result of septicaemia 08.06.13, Corinne was 43. A few days after her operation she set about starting a charity to help others who suffer from similar conditions and results. An inspirational story, read on here … and See Corinne’s Ted Talk in Glasgow here…

Woman’s Way Magazine highlights Amputee calls for Equality of Service

Woman’s way, the long established home-makers magazine, (P.22 18.02.13) has drawn attention to the needs of Amputees in Ireland today. Amputees are being treated as second-class citizens by the HSE with the lack of national service standards. Ireland is one of the few EU countries offering virtually no choice of service for amputees. The Irish government will not issue free prostetics for amputees.

Calling All Adventurous Teenagers

RTÉ is looking for adventurous Transition Students to take part in a show that just may change their lives forever.

RTÉ Young Peoples Programmes, along with Yellow Asylum Films, are looking for people to participate in a forthcoming television series which will follow eight Transition Year students – four able-bodied and four with disabilities – on a life-changing and fun journey to an exotic mystery location. Throughout, they will undertake a number of exciting challenges. They will be trained and fully supervised by a team of experts but they will still need a strong sense of adventure and commitment.

The only qualifications are that you must have an open mind and a desire to test your limits. You’ll also have to be in Transition Year in your school, sixteen years of age or older on January 1st, 2013, have a valid passport and be free, ready and willing to travel at some stage during the Spring of 2013 to a place most people have never even thought of visiting. Those interested just simply need to upload a five-minute video to: the case for why they should to be chosen as one of the lucky eight.

Just tell us a little about yourself in your own way – this is more an audition than a job interview so make your video as lively, moving, funny, or interesting as you wish.

Further information: Moira Lawson (Production Coordinator) 086 – 086 1867

Amputee Ireland demands the HSE to focus on the needs of Irish amputees, and that the needs of amputee’s are no longer ignored on European Limb Loss Day

3 Dec 2012 – The European Union recognises that amputation affects many thousands of men, women and children across member states and has set Monday 3 December 2012 as European Limb Loss Day. Europe is giving international recognition to amputation, yet inIrelandthere are no national standards that apply to the provision of services to amputees. There are great variations of service provision acrossIrelandand compared to European partners. Amputees face many daily challenges including dexterity, personal mobility, delays in access to healthcare and decreased employment options. Charity Amputee Disability Federation Ireland (Amputee Ireland) welcomes European Limb Loss Day amid calls for better care structures and free prosthetics for Irish amputees.

MichaelMcWilliam of Amputee Ireland comments: “It is time for the Health Service Executive (HSE) to establish one central authority to ensure equality of treatment and care for all amputees based on a set of national standards. Amputees, as clients or patients of the HSE, should be at the centre of the service in accordance with HIQA and EU guidelines.”

For amputees in need of new or replacement prosthetics, Amputee Ireland recommend the introduction of a new model of care and propose consultant-led Centres of Excellence, where comprehensive care and medical oversight beyond practice medicine could be provided. The Centre/s should include fully trained interdisciplinary professionalsincluding rehabilitation consultant, occupational therapists and nurses. See entire press release on our downloads page…

HSE presides over public health disaster as diabetes amputations climb 20%

Newly available HSE statistics show there were 781 diabetes related lower limb amputations in Ireland during 2010 and 2011 – a 20% increase on the previous two year period.  The condition is now the biggest single cause of amputation, stroke, blindness and kidney failure.  Diabetes Action says the HSE is amplifying this public health disaster by failing to fill critical posts and make retinal screening available, despite funding being available since 2010. Diabetes Action – Nov 2012. Read more…

Simon Baker marathon runner breaks world record

A LIMERICK-based athlete won the hearts of supporters at the Dublin marathon yesterday when he broke a world record for the fastest marathon ever completed on crutches. There were huge cheers from the crowd when Simon Baker crossed the finish line after completing the course in six hours and 47 minutes, smashing the record by 26 minutes. The awe-inspiring achievement has earned the 41-year-old a listing in the Guinness Book of Records.

Amputee Ireland responds to Health Service Executive (HSE) Calls for public submissions into Prosthetics

The HSE has called for public   Prosthetics, Orthotics and specialist footware services. Amputee Ireland response is recommend the introduction of the following model of care.

Amputee Ireland  proposes consultant-led Centres of Excellence, That Centre/s should include fully trained interdisciplinary professionals including a proslethist rehabilitation consultant, occupational therapists, nurses and counsellors.

A fragmented HSE procurement process has caused widespread concern among Amputee members, triggering on-going complaints to our organisation around delays and inconsistencies. Amputee Ireland proposes that the sanctioning process is centralised to avoid the beaurocray of a needless twenty five separate sanctioning offices there are endless delays. Delays equal money in additional costs to the HSE. Amputees pay the real price, not just in Euro, but in delayed rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and lack of engagement in normal living.

Amputee Ireland  proposes that the cost centre should be at each Centre of Excellence. Our assocation also requests the cost neutral provision of free prosthetics for amputees, similar to the majority of other European countries.

If you want to have your say, write to us at

Employment for people with diabilties

Minister Burton announces expansion of Disability Activation Project to assist people with disabilities to access employment. The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, TD, (25th October, 2012) announced funding of just over €7 million for a range of 14 projects under the Disability Activation Project (DACT). Speaking about the successful projects, Minister Burton said: “These funds of €7 million will be used to create linkages between employers and people with disabilities ” Read more…

Too Old to be Equal?

A Follow-up Investigation by the Ombudsman into the Illegal Refusal by the Department of Health of Mobility Allowance to People over 66 Years of Age(

Farm Safety

Have you had a farm accident? Agtel are looking for amputees to take part in a farm safety awareness video campaign for the Health and Safety Authority. Contact Sarah Sheeran on 01 7088145 or email for more information.

New book called ‘Small Steps’ recounts a life lived large

Mr McNeive now works as a motivational speaker, and as Bono impersonator Hugh Tuohy he has performed in Ireland, the United States and South Africa. In his spare time he flies a helicopter and is a director of the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire. The Ballpoint Press book, subtitled Everything Is Possible is a mix of personal stories and motivational anecdotes. According to the publishers it aims to unlock readers’ potential and inspire higher performance. Commenting on the book Mr McNeive said it combines “entertaining stories and how to get ahead in business”( Irish Times).

Disability reporter flying the flag for Ireland

Read the interview with Daraine Mulvihill on Channel Four

Miriam meets: Liam Mulvihill and his daughter Daraine Mulvihill

Inspitational family speak on Miriam meets. Sports broadcaster Daraine Mulvihill talks to Miriam O’Callaghan in the company of her father Liam, former DG of the GAA. Dariane recounts her media sucess covering the recent paralympics, the challenges London posed for her, and how she met them.

New implant helps stroke victim to move robotic arm by thought

A WOMAN who lost the use of her limbs after a devastating stroke nearly 15 years ago has taken a sip of coffee by guiding a robotic arm with her thoughts.Soccer stars recovers from leg amputation (Irish Times).

The Independand on Sunday life magazine recently published a positive story about an Irish International soccer stars recovery from a leg amputation, to end up playing again at International level. See downloads page for full article, and other news items.