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Welcome to the parents page.

toddler amputeeIf your child has been born with, or acquired, the loss of a limb or digits this page is designed to help point you in the right direction.

‘Limitless’ is an online community for limbless in Ireland. The goal is to bring al limbless people, regardless of how or what, along with parents of, carers for, professionals in the industry, etc, together to support and energise each other.

Reach – the Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency. … not Disability that Matters.

Republic of Ireland Reach contact:

An Australian website with something about kids

Lilly Biagini ‘s story

young boy double amputee If you are a parent, or an interested person, and would like to add to this page, an article, a story or a link, anything that might help another parent, just email for the attention of David, and we’ll get it up here. Thank you.

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  1. Grainne Heneghan says:


    My son was born with talipes/club foot and his two feet are different sizes.

    When we go shoe shopping, the shop are very accommodating and enable me to take home the right size shoe for each foot, and sometimes, send me home with the matching pair too. So I often leave with 4 shoes, not just 2.

    Not sure if that makes sense, but what it means is that I have some brand new/never worn single boys shoes, just the one shoe, and I have been thinking for a while that there must be someone out there that could use them.
    My son is 7 now so the shoes are varying sizes, between childs 7 and 9 perhaps, I would have to check.
    Can you think of anyone that could benefit from these brand new shoes, either in Ireland or further afield in less developed countries, I am happy to post them. Just would like to find them a useful home. Thanks, Grainne

  2. Cathy Flynn says:

    Hi David, I am a third year mature student with UCC. I was born with a second thumb on my left hand, my parents had it amputed when I was 18months old. I am starting my third year research project on the impact of stigma on the lives of individuals with deformities especially limbs and would like to get in contact with some support groups and parents for research purposes. I wonder if this could be at all feasible and of course ethics taken into consideration if you could help me out please.

    Most appreciated
    Cathy Flynn

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